1. MUSTANG (2015) #52FilmsByWomen

As some of you who follow me on Twitter might know, I pledged to watch at least 52 films made by women by the end of 2016. The only film directed by a woman I’ve already watched this year is Mustang, which was also part of my “Oscars catch-up”.


I fell in love with Deniz Gamze Ergüven‘s first feature. The way she tells the story of these five sisters, the way she makes you care about them, is beautifully heartbreaking. The girls are portrayed by five wonderful actresses who shine throughout the film, giving natural performances and life to a brutally honest script.

Some have said that the themes explored in the film, and the explicit feminist message it vehicles, are so strong that they ultimately overshadow the final outcome, but I have to disagree with this claim. Mustang is clearly a political film, it  denounces the situation of women in culturally underdeveloped areas of Turkey, but it also speaks universally through the eyes, smiles, words, and broken hopes of five young women.


If you want to make your movie better, sometimes all you have to do is choose the right Bowie song and play it as loud as you can.

Have a safe trip back home, David.

P.S. I couldn’t find a clip with the awesome scene from Guardians of the Galaxy where Moonage Daydream is playing. I will update the post if I find it (or someone finds it for me).

Jurassic World: why big dinos (and Chris Pratt) aren’t enough?

I had the privilege to grow up in a world where Jurassic Park always existed. The first one came out the year I was born, and the trilogy ended when I was eight (just in time to be replaced by another milestone, Harry Potter). Like almost every 90’s kid, I was obsessed by it: I had dinosaurs’ action figures, I went to exhibitions about dinosaurs, and bought loads of illustrated books on the subject. The last time I saw Jurassic Park I was in my teens and I never rewatched the sequels, so I can say this saga is part of a childhood I put aside.

Maybe that’s the reason why I wasn’t thrilled about Jurassic World right from the start. It’s not that I feared that my childhood would be ruined (which is a rather stupid thing to say, to be honest), it was just the feeling that I wouldn’t enjoy it as much as I would if I were a child. However, keeping my expectations at the lowest has paid off well in the past, making me enjoy movies I thought I would despise, but unfortunately that’s not the case.

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First things first


I’m a film enthusiast and I love rambling about the things I watch, whether I liked them or not. I wanted to make something more concrete and lasting than tweets and Facebook posts (where I often always obsess about movies and shows), so I’m starting this blog which will be entirely dedicated to my love for cinema.

My passion extends to almost every genre, and the details I mostly focus on are the filmmaker’s craft and the writing.

I hope you will follow me in this new journey, I promise to keep things interesting!